Monday, January 24, 2011

My Real Life, Unnecessary Nightmare

I believe I have (neuro)cysticercosis -- a dangerous infection of the body and brain by a parasite -- and have had it for approximately 2 years. It could have been accurately diagnosed early on, but it wasn’t. Because it wasn’t, my life has been pretty much destroyed, though not only or even as much by the (neuro)cysticercosis as by the people – “friends,” family, and medical personnel – who had the opportunity to help appropriately. Instead, ignorance, arrogance, and criminal behavior won out. This is the tragic story of what happened and is in progress.

Note that a full telling of the story would require writing a book. So, not everything will appear in the blog that could; as it is, you might think some postings are extraordinarily long. What I will include in this blog are the main threads of the story, and I'll be attempting to tell the story at a level of detail that will make the account highly readable and will facilitate understanding of what it was like to live such a nightmare. I'll also include reflections and commentary, particularly after I get through a telling of the story up to the current time, and I'll ask readers for specific input.