Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Reading the story in proper sequence

To maximize and ease comprehension, the best approach is to read this blog's initial posts in the order they have been posted. This post is intended to facilitate that.

The proper sequence:
-- My Real Life, Unnecessary Nightmare --
a short intro

-- What is (neuro)cysticercosis? --
definitions from multiple perspectives

-- Symptoms I've experienced --
the long list

-- The story begins --
the initial symptoms spanning December 2008 -- April 2009

-- The nightmare worsens --
disastrous results of turning to the wrong "friends" for help (April - May 2009)

-- The nightmare worsens even more --
wild seizures and the loss of my home and many of my belongings (May through June 2009)

-- The nightmare starts to turn into a hell --
the nightmare at my sister's home (into August 2009)

-- I enter hell --
being terrorized and finally escaping (into September 2009)

-- Just how much had I escaped? --
the obstacles now before me

-- Living "on the street" --
my life as a homeless person

-- Getting the right medical help --
obstacles to my finding a competent parasitologist

-- To those who chose to not believe me --
references to other cases

-- Moving forward --
what I am trying to do and what I hope to do

-- Arrival of the cavalry --
the coming together of FORA
-- Reflections on gratitude --
on giving and receiving
-- In need of transformation: the patient experience --
some of what is wrong & some of what is happening to put things right
-- Living "on the street" (part II) --
more on my life as a homeless person

-- Be careful whom you call crazy --
things that give me a peculiar kind of pause


  1. Oh Richard. What a horrible, amazing, perplexing experience you're having. Sad to hear that family & friends have turned against you. Very distressing that your mis-diagnosis has had such terrible ramifications.
    My wish for you now would be to focus on your own health, being as kind and good to yourself as you can, and not waste any precious energy on revenge or defense, though you must be very angry. And you know, Mexico doesn't seem nearly as extreme as your experience in Washington. Plus it's warm there. Also more parasites so beware!
    I read your blog start to finish, and it's beginning to sound like you're getting yourself back again. I hope so. What. An. Adventure. (If you can possibly think of it that way...) best, Melinda

  2. Richard, Exactly what medication are you using? - you are very vague on this. Have you tried pomegranate, which is known to kill parasites and tapeworms?

  3. Thanks for the pointer. I have started to drink pomegranate juice. However, in the case of (neuro)cysticercosis, the parasite has moved beyond the digestive tract.

  4. Hi Richard,
    Just read your entire blog- came across it from Rashmi's tweet. My parents are doctors in India and I have heard before of how tapeworm infection can be very serious. All the best with your treatment, and for getting your life back.
    Incase it is helpful, found this article that mentions two patients who were treated in Houston (at the University of Texas) for neurocysticercosis.

  5. Thanks much for the link (of which I had not known) and the best wishes.

  6. Hi Richard, it sounds like quite the ordeal, and I feel sorry I had no idea. When you feel like it, I'd love to provide (food? shelter? entertainment? driving?), but otherwise my non-judgmental, non-invasive company.