Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Arrival of the cavalry

I remember watching reruns of "Westerns" on television when I was a kid. There were a lot of them -- most 1/2 hour programs made for television, though I suspect a few feature length films were televised as well. And I also remember that in quite a few of them, the people portrayed as the good guys would be attacked by those portrayed as the bad guys, and, for some reason (e.g., they'd run low on ammunition or food), things would begin to not go so well for the good guys. Then, as if out of nowhere and just as things were looking particularly bleak, a bugle would sound in the distance signaling the arrival of the cavalry to save the day.

Well, in December. at about the time that I moved into my car full-time, a cavalry of sorts began to form to help me out. In this case, the sound of the bugle was replaced by the sound of my cell phone and the arrival of some email, and I don't think that any of those who came together arrived on horseback. However, ... ;-)

After I had a couple of meetings with individuals in January, a group assembled in early February to begin to dive more deeply into figuring out what to do. The group, dubbed the Friends of Richard Anderson (FORA), banded together on the internet as well, grew in size as more people learned of my situation, and began to meet periodically with participants attending in person or via phone.

Among the decisions made by the group: launch one or more campaigns for financial contributions, the first of which has just been launched at, with a supporting Facebook page.

My dearest thanks go to this group, which has been supportive in multiple, important ways. Among the group's members: Don Norman, Julie Norman, Robin Bahr, Hugh Dubberly, Susan Wolfe, Jonathan Arnowitz, Jennifer Crakow, Austin Henderson, Lynne Henderson, Carola Thompson, Jay Joichi, Gene Moy, Elizabeth Churchill, and Jonathan Grudin.

Thanks go to others as well who have done research for me, have tweeted about or in other ways shared my story, and have communicated kind words of encouragement and support.

I hope that the arrival of this cavalry will, indeed, save the day.

(Note that my intent is to author blog postings more often to keep everyone informed about what has been and is happening as things move forward. So, stay tuned...)