Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Still angry after all these years

I got to share a part of my story earlier this month when I spoke to students of a Design for Health course offered by the Stanford University School of Medicine. The focus of the particular class at which I spoke was design with empathy, and I shared the stage with IDEO’s Annie Valdes. My presentation was constrained by the rules of Pecha Kucha (i.e., 20 slides shown for 20 seconds each), but I also moderated the Q&A.

As you’ll see and hear, much of my talk referenced what I did subsequent to the main part of my health(care) nightmare. I described some of what I’ve done to have an impact on the needed redesign of the healthcare system and the patient experience; developing empathy is a significant part of that story.

Here is the video. A few of my initial words didn’t quite make it onto the recording. :-(

(Coincidentally, Annie’s talk on design research was akin to one I gave 5 days earlier to my user experience design students at General Assembly.)

Tip of the hat to Paul Simon whose song title I modified for the title of my short talk. (Yes — I’m still angry after all these years. But…)